Monday, May 18, 2009

C'est ma vie!

Finally got some pictures up!!! Enjoy! I am speaking French a lot here, but still not still not enough! Will try to put up my offline blog posts soon. My friend's lappie can't read docx files. And I am using a German keyboard now.

Mt Cameroon from University of Buea.

A room of Jana's friend. Jana is a German intern (in the picture) who is really taking care of me, as much as the other AIESECers here. I feel truly loved, apart from the other weird advances. Hahaha...

Logging is pretty bad here.

A bit of AIESEC now. This is the van carrying AIESECers from LC Douala to NLDS!

Picture taking is the love of delegates here. They can simply take thousands of pictures using other people's cameras. Spot the less-than-dark people.

Is it so much easier to spot me here?

The only picture of me at the Official Dinner with Diana from Lithuania, the MCVPTM here, before my batteries went dead.

The legendary way of them transporting things from town to town. By the way, this van (which they call bus) sits 16 people, regardless of size, excluding the driver. :S

The best moving thing in Cameroon! Door-less, backseatless, boot cover-less, but still moving. And it transported all 100 chairs and 5 tables and 2 tents in one go.

Roadside vaccination for yellow fever. So cute!!

An unusual street scene. I am not sure how usual is it here. I guess ma3 lu4 really makes sense here. Here the cows share the same roads as the cars, travelling at the same time.

Attempting African braids with only my real hair. By a really sweet LC girl who came all the way to visit me.

The first time I attempted washing clothes with buckets and yellowish water.

The MC house has a water filter which filters the yellow water into drinking water with less smell. This saves you 500F (SGD1.7) per 1.5 litre you drink.

My favourite food here - poisson brussiere. With nice chilli pepper paste and cooked bananas.

Bananas is one of the most common carbohydrate here. And chicken is most expensive here. Fish is most common. Interesting.

Yaounde, the city I am living in, finally reaching here after travelling to another 2 cities for 8 days. It is a beautiful city with a lot of slopes. This makes it more foreign than ever.

People say that internship is life-changing. For now, I say that it is changing life. For I feel like I am living someone else's life more than ever. Sleeping differently, bathing differently, eating differently, speaking a different language, etc etc. More will come soon!

Dear MCs, I will try to post on MC blog once I go to cybercafe on my own! For now, I am always using other people's connection, so I can't use for too long, and my blog takes precedence! Haha.

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