Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The last K box

The last new friend made. Eh no.. the last is Tim!

The last EB hang out

The last parcel received

And lots of notes

Pending departure

My departure is finally counting itself down to hours, to many people's relief. =P

My sentimentality has finally started to be replaced by excitement for the unknown, to my relief.

I have just changed my flight to Douala to arrive straight for the conference first rather than to my internship city.

I wanted to have a farewell gathering initially but could not overcome my paiseh-ness to do it. But anyway, I have met up a good lot of people and I couldn't ask for more.

I have packed and repacked my bags, and I am starting to count the kilos.

I have finally decided on which currency to bring and how much to bring and what form of money to bring: cash? credit card? travelers' cheque? diamond!
The answer is cash according to the experienced friend in Cameroon, because it is a developing country, which recognizes cash more than other cash equivalents.

I have uploaded memorable pictures onto facebook, and then now, here.

I think I am ready to go.

And I hope by the time I come back, I have fulfilled my goals at internship, and I have put down the things that I wish to put down here...

I have yet to see a few more friends before I fly.

I want to write something for a lot of people still.

I still have a few more talent management stuff to do, no actually there're a lot more.

I still need to finalise where I should fly to!

May be I am still not prepared to go...

That's why I have 44 more hours huh!

也許已經不是愛 只是一種堅持的情懷
也許依然還有愛 也許是慢慢生長的悲哀

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