Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today my astronomy prof showed us a video on 'Staying Alive', about how we have been trying to stay alive from all threats posed by the universe.
It is really ridiculous to keep thinking that the universe is dangerous, and that we need to protect ourselves AGAINST the environment which we have been living in. The universe is just acting its way, and any perceived danger is just part of the natural phenomena. What's with keeping ourselves alive? What's with designing a rocket with nuclear bomb to explode a future meteorite that will clash with Earth? It sounds absolutely self-centred when the astronomers declared to protect the human race from the universe threats. They had no consideration for the plants and animals. Aren't we just part of the universe, and even products of the universe? We have been part of the natural progression, and naturally one day the universe will proceed on. In what way are we so superior to insist that we have the right to live no matter how much the cost is to the other beings on the planet, to the planet and to the universe?
A sentence caught my attention and is imprinted now. One solution for keeping us alive is to live in another planet, so that when disaster strikes, 'at least some of the human beings can live on.' Some human beings. Or you mean the Americans? So that those deprived and less technologically advanced people can go with the natural progression and the rich and the exploitive can reap off all available natural resources to construct stuff to move themselves somewhere better?
Yeah call me a communist.

Anyway, while splurging on developing solutions towards natural disasters with unknown possibility and unmanageable scale, why not channel the money towards saving the real impending threats? The threats that human being has done to ourselves? Being wiped off by global warming in 50 years sounds more impending and probably than being hit by a huge meteorite in 100 million years (figure by the BBC video). I insist that we have enough for everyone to live on if we stop dumping money to expensive imaginary investments.

Yeah call me an idealist.

It saddens me to realise that the subject of my interest was developed partly for such selfish idiotic reason. The universe in itself is much more beautiful and interesting than it is dangerous. Is this how evolution has made us human beings to be?

Anyway this is the link to see one amazing meteor crater in Arizona.

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