Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ouch! Jabs

I consulted NTU medical centre for the recommended vaccinations to take for my Cameroon trip today.

First the staff at registration counter stunned upon hearing my medical check purpose. Upon seeing the doctor, he frowned after knowing the same truth. He sighed, 'Why did you choose to go Africa?'


Then he opened his database to search for the medical advice. 'Look at the length of the list.' Said Dr Ngui, while maintaining his frown. After a long awkward silence, he started copying down all the vaccinations I needed. I think that filled up my little yellow prescription paper.

Then I went to the nurses for my jabs. The nurse frowned again. *lolz* She got me to pay first, and it was an exorbitant S$139.10! And that is only for medical check up fee, tuberculosis X-ray, typhoid, meningitis, and Hepatitis A and B screening. Yellow fever is going to be $110 before taxes, and rabies is $157 before taxes too. Medicines are a hidden cost in this internship preparation, iseneh..

My skin is holed 3 times today: on the inner side of my right elbow, and one each on my arm. I am still very much afraid of jabs, and it still hurts till now when I am typing it. The nurses warned that I may have fever tomorrow as my body reacts to the vaccines. Come what may..

What's next: I yet to call up NUH or TTSH to arrange for my yellow fever and rabies vaccination, as well as do my X-ray in Jurong Medical Centre, plus collect my hep A and B result. *finger crossed*

To share some of my intensive research, here are some helpful vaccination guides:
World Health Organization
Singapore Health Promotion Board - though I am disappointed that it does not contain Cameroon information.
By the way, Yellow Fever is a must have for Cameroon and many African countries. You need to show your yellow fever vaccination to get your visa!

For your information, my doctor brother and my search in Malaysia didn't return us with any positive result for clinics or hospitals that provide these vaccinations. The only two hospitals in Singapore that have travellers' clinic are as below:
National University of Singapore - Travellers' Clinic
Tan Tock Seng Hospital - Travellers' Clinic



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