Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Route to Getting a Cameroon Visa

4th Mar - I called up Cameroon Embassy in China who told me the phone in the visa department has broken down.

10th Mar 
I called them up again. This time, the receptionist said the visa department has cancelled the phone service. Means I cannot get connected to them! The receptionist also refused to get the visa department person to move physically to speak to me on this phone! Also, I sent them an email on 4th Mar which no one replied.

Trial 1 - Frustrated

I got Yunli in Beijing to help me call. Perhaps her sweet voice will move the receptionist. She called. And the receptionist did give her more details. Bad news though. That eventually I need to go there in person to sign the application! :S Yunli said she can help me to pay a physical visit to the embassy on Friday to get full information.

Trial 2 - Exasperated

I checked on Yellow Pages for travel agencies directory. I called up all 8 listed which provide tour services to Africa. None provides visa services. And they said that if there is no Cameroon embassy in Singapore, there's no visa application services. Thanks for that.

Oh at the same time I enquired for flight ticket. Chan Brothers actually offer a ticket that is 20 dollar cheaper!*big deal*

Trial 3 - Desperate!

I called up the Cameroon Consulate in Singapore again. I asked the lady for help again. She tried to scold me initially that I did not call the Beijing embassy back; that I did not ask the visa department people to come out to receive calls at working phone; that I did not ask for alternative contact method. After I gently and sadly informed her that I have done all those, she was held back for awhile. Probably realising that she is the last resource who can help me, she decided to suggest that she will ask her colleagues and get back to me. And she promised she will call me back today if not latest tomorrow. Sounds like a determined promise.

The journey to the big unknown land did prove to be like a multiple-obstacle race. Will I accomplish it?

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