Sunday, May 31, 2009

Introduction to people in my Cameroon life

In order of appearance:
Wilfred – MCP Cameroom – the guy who saved me from fear at Yaoundé airport. He was really kind in introducing me the reality of AIESEC Cameroon, and has been encouraging me every time after my sessions.

Diana – MCVP TM from Lithuania – the girl who assured me that I will be able to spot the AIESECers at the airport cuz she’s a white. The conference manager for Upgrade. My poster girl for my top favourite picture. She has a baby due around my birthday!

Belinda – MC Projects Director – a tall, strong, vocal and opinionated modern Cameroonian girl who will be going to Qatar for her next MC term!

Theodore – LCP Buea, MCVP TM elect – a facilitator who unfortunately fell sick with Malaria just 3 days before the conference started.

Alice – MCVP Finance & Admin – a very hot Cameroonian lady who took care of my meals for my first 10 days because she was the finance person! The other poster girl for my top favourite picture.

Harona – LCP Douala elect – a very nice, friendly and chatty guy who took initiatives to speak to me and introduce Cameroon to me.

Eric – MCVPICX, MCP elect – A guy, though I have begun emailing with him since I was in Singapore regarding my internship setting, I have only met him as the last person in the MC house.

Heleen – intern in Buea from the Netherlands – The first intern I saw at 4am in the MC House. She is one of the only two in AIESEC who are younger than me. She kept me much comforted when I saw that she had as much cultural shock as me too.

Guy – LCVPICX, LCP Yaoundé elect – My much cherished TN Manager who took care of me really well and is really very sweet to me. After the conference, I had to stay back at Douala for a night for post-conference meeting, and he actually stayed back with me so that he could accompany me back to Yaoundé.

Clauvis – LCP Yaoundé – An opinionated, slightly strong-headed guy who took effort to take care of me too. One of the few who are very much in touch with technology and the world’s happenings.

Ubrine – member of Yaoundé – A very cheerful girl with a particular interest in interns. I am staying with her for the first week in Yaoundé.

Tim – intern in Yaoundé from the Netherlands – An interesting intern who doesn’t really care about AIESEC. Came to Cameroon for adventure. Has a healthy lifestyle and a heck-care attitude.

Jana – intern in Yaoundé from Germany – A very motherly intern who took every bit of effort to take care to me. She generously offered me cosmetics when I was distressed from power cut before official dinner, she picked me up at my home every time we go out, and she has generously shared with me every bit about Cameroon and her survival guide. Has a Cameroon boyfriend in Germany and will marry in July!

Arnaud – LCVPICX Yaoundé elect – My integration officer, who took time and effort to bring me around the town even when he has pending exams and was suffering from Malaria. He’s the other person who is younger than me here.


Claude – my boss at Promesses – I am working for his start-up company 3 days every week, while the other two days are for working with AIESEC projects. He has been very intent on making me work longer and for more days, so that we can get things started. So far I have been able to resist the further pressure.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it is some important people who I will keep mentioning in my blog posts. =)

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