Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's 3rd day since I have arrived in Cameroon, and have almost overcome my culture shock, yet to learn to enjoy my stay and every difference here. A Dutch intern arrived last night, and she was still in the midst of culture shock. She wept about it. She reminded me so much of who I was just barely 3 days ago. Of course, being the only free person in the MC house (it was National Planning today), I kept her accompanied, shared my stories, and encouraged her to cry. Hope she will feel better soon.

Some reality update of my life: There is no hot water, and the water is slightly yellow. There is no light in the bathroom, and we see with the light seeped in from the neighbouring room. I have to wash my clothes using my hands. Most of the roads are not tarred, and since it rains once every 2 days, the roads are constantly muddy. The African ladies really have a lot of hair styles, and most of them are made of fake hair! The food here is nice, but the portion is too much for me. I always get the AIESECers to finish them for me.

AIESECers are AIESECers, sharing the common cult culture no matter where we are. We dance Le le, Freed from desire, motor scooter, etc. I taught them some AIESEC dance in Chinese and they loved it so much that it is now their faci dance. They shout Hey AIESEC too, and they have the same expectation for a conference chair.

It is interesting how many of them kept commenting that I break their preconception of Asians. To the Africans and to the Europeans, they have always felt that Asians are quiet and reserved, and saying one word can simply kill them. Belinda, the MCVP Projects (my mama) was telling me that she was so worried when Diana (the conference manager) put an Asian girl as the chair of their conference. 'How will she speak???' And now suddenly they found themselves one Asian girl who talks as much as the Africans. Haha.. And I am trying to speak more in French, and learning their pidgin' English! My aim: to not able to speak English anymore. Haha!

Much as I want to type, I can't, because someone else is still waiting to use the net.

Till then, a bientot!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea, you have broke their preconception of Asian gals, because you are not an ordinary Asian gal. You brought misconception to them..haha..

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





10:32 PM  
Blogger 10022007 said...

looking forward to see you coming back with fake hair haaaa... take care;)

4:16 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

who is the first anonymous? Where got misconception!

Jie, I all also scared, except not enough money! Somehow the people here love the way I speak haha.

Dear koko, feel free to see!

5:30 AM  

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