Saturday, May 09, 2009

My 8th May is 29-hour long

On 8th May, as I stepped onto the boarding corridor, the notion of doing internship in Cameroon is no longer the same. It used to feel real, now it is real. I am flying away from Asia, to a land which I have always bragged about me being part of them. And now I am really going there. No more imagination, whatever I have read is coming to me!

The most colourful cabin I have ever seen. Beautifully.

The guy I met on the KL-Bangkok flight, who is taking the exact same route as me. Also the guy who asked me to be his girlfriend after a mere 2 hours of talk, and who, after I lied to him that I have a boyfriend, insist of being my Cameroon boyfriend. This is the guy who kept me accompanied for the long hours, who shared a lot of useful Cameroon insights with me, who bought me water when I had no Kenya shillings, and the guy who gave me nervous breakdown. -.-'

My first of the two dinner for 8/5/09, deliciously prepared by Thai Airways. I like this airline!

Thailand airport. My first time arrival! Note my big AIESEC logo shirt which I painstakingly find to ensure recognition.

Transit to Nairobi by Kenya Airways.

The hot Kenyan air steward.

The route the plane took, passing by Sri Lanka, India, Mauritius and Seychelles. Too bad I wasn't allocated a window seat!

Keeping myself warm in Kenya Airways using Thai Airways' blanket. Sorry Thai Airways, I will return to you in August!

Kenya Airport. Very Kenyanish. Hope the elephant isn't real.

Very much tempted to get one of this.

Learning how to 自拍 with a background.

An advertisement which I think is super cute!!!! And it's so similar to how our parents tell us. 'Don't say we didn't tell you', 'think ten times' etc.

Kenya has high beautiful sky. I will only be able to see the Kenyan sky without the glass panel in July 27.

Kenya Airways against the high sky.

How many cities of this do you know? I also don't know them.

First pseudo-African lunch. Chicken rice. Chicken is supposed to be the most expensive meat in Africa cuz they don't grow well in African climate. So I took every free opportunity to have chicken now. And of course, rice, my staple.

I wonder if the second line is only there at developing countries. Recall Slumdog millionaire.

My last lap - Nairobi to Douala, after a good 13 hour wait, which I don't think I have dreaded any minute! And which I don't think I have done anything that I have planned for this 13 horus!

Below is my travel diary for these 2 days. 

Adapting is just so difficult. I am only at the airport and I cannot stand so much of the stuff already. I cannot stand the constant relationship advances, not the people who kept outrightly staring at your diary or your computer screen, not the people making various requests to you to use your laptop to use your cable, not the people who kept talking to me even when I have put on my earphones, not the various men who kept disturbing me when I just want to be on my own.

Now, like the time in Thailand Airport, I am doubting my adaptability and openness to new experience. I always thought I welcome new experience very much. But this time when I dump myself into a completely new environment, the adjustment was so hard, and filled with so much loss and helplessness. I don't like how others are socializing with me now. I am scared, I am afraid, and I am worried. I am again, doubting my ability to live through the three months, living with everyone who is yet so different from me and very intimidating to me. I hope my self-efficacy comes back to find me soon, and live me through my three months. I don't want to live like I am struggling. I want to enjoy the life here! But right now, I am even struggling to live with the challenges, and I am amplifying every single difference in the negative light. This is not good. I need my confidence back.

Jia you!!!  T.T

Anyway, for guys who need some proposal suggestion:

Crap reason 1: You dress like an African and you make yourself seem very adaptable to African culture. In no way I am dressing like an African.

Crap reason 2: I don't have a girlfriend in Cameroon and I don't have a girl in Malaysia. Who cares about stories on your side?

Crap reason 3: I like you. 

Crap reason 4: I am not looking for a boyfriend now. But I am looking for you now.

This is driving me crazy..!!

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Blogger Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

wahahah seems like you are having fun with your challenges! :D take kare k, come back in one piece and share with us your joy and funsss. blog more

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Wei Wei said...

sounds horrible! are you still getting advances now? How do you deal with it and how does it make you feel now?

p.s. HOT Keyan steward? I didn't know you were attracted to black guys!!?

11:36 AM  

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