Sunday, June 14, 2009


Zejun said it's not normal not to feel homesick when you are away so far away for so long. I guess my homesick episode has arrived.

I was at Bamenda, a cool city in the northeast province. It was at night, we were in a taxi, it was raining.

And all of a sudden.

I miss home.

I miss my friends.

I miss the familiarity.

I miss not needing to stuggle and fight everyday.

I was sick again last Thursday. Fever coupled with chills, flu mixed with cough, complemented with headache, muscle and joint ache. I was so sick to the point I had to go hospital. But the doctor just prescribed me with medicine, so I guess it's nothing too serious. But that made me lie dead on the bed for 2 days 2 nights, and gave me a weak body and possibly weak soul.

The scenery around me is really stunning. Beautiful mountaineous greenery scattered with small farming houses and capped with fluffy clouds. But all I could feel is pain and homesickness.

I am once again, painfully counting down to the number of days to go home. I guess if my boss offers me the opportunity to terminate my internship and let me go home now, I will take it up without a doubt.

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Anonymous yy said...

Wanxin!! Alamak, please take good care of urself!! Get well and healthy soon ok!!

Anyway, it's not an everyday opportunity to get to go for an African experience, so though life's tough over there, must must fully treasure it before the day u ought to come back ok!! I'm sure u'll get through it safely, healthily and happily!! Hee. All the best, girl!! :))

3:44 PM  

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